Quality and ISO Registration

High Performance Alloys, Inc. is registered to ISO 9001:2015, please see our registration document below. If you're looking to complete a vendor survey or confirm an aspect of our Quality Management System (QMS), then please ask our Quality Assurance management or your sales person. Some vendor survey information is available here in our FAQ document. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance team at 1-800-472-5569 or email QA@HPAlloys.com.

Returned Materials and RMAs

Tired of downtime from returning material? Our Quality Team here at High Performance Alloys (HPA) is top notch! We take pride in our work and do our due diligence from the point of sale till the material leaves our warehouse to ensure that your material arrives to you as you requested on your purchase order. HPA has quality implemented throughout our processing to ensure that we meet and exceed ISO 9001:2015. We have so much quality it's practically our middle name, high-performance quality alloys! But if you do need to return material, please contact your sales person and our Quality Assurance team to begin the Returned Material Authorization (RMA) process.

Specific Specifications

We can process most specifications. HPA has had many projects requiring the 'white glove' treatment. Whether that means no fingerprints or no metal to metal contact, HPA has been able to provide high quality materials per the more scrupulous specifications. Also, we do not use stickers on the material! Instead, we use identification tags and marker, after cleaning the material first, to help ensure traceability.

For information on our standard cut tolerances, please see our guide FM-75-37, "Shop Standard Cut/Grind Tolerances."

FOD Program Exception

We do not currently have a FOD (Foreign Object Debris) program, something frequently requested in many aerospace quality systems. We do, however, make sure to clean all material before boxing the material for shipment. While most companies can waive the FOD requirements due to further material processing, we are working to ensure that we can reliably provide a FOD program that meets the aerospace requirements, especially that of aerospace standard AS9100. When it comes to shipping clean materials, you'll find that HPA is a mark above the rest; it's our standard!

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Data Sheets, Traceability, and Material Test Reports (MTR)

If you're looking for a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or any other data sheet, then please request it from our quality department. If you need traceability, then please request a Certificate of Conformance or full traceability preferably at the point of sale. Material test reports, also known as certs, are available upon request and should be forwarded to your email soon after the time of shipment. Call us at 1-800-472-5569 and ask how HPA can help provide you the high quality experience you require.

Concerned about food safety?

Read the FDA statement concerning the use of stainless steels as food contact surfaces of equipment.

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